When you think of a French manicure or pedicure, two words may come to mind: timeless and classic. As a popular nail treatment across the United States, many people wonder where this origin of nail style comes from.

While you may think that the French manicure originated in France, it was actually created in America, by an American. First coined in 1978 by a man named Jeff Pink, Pink founded the nail polish treatment and brand known as Orly. While Pink coined the term, it is believed that the French manicure style originated back in 1930 by Max Factor. Factor, also known as the father of modern cosmetics, claimed that he invented the French manicure style for Paris fashionistas (thus the name, French manicure).

After Pink created the first French manicure DIY kit for Hollywood actresses in the 70s, French manicures became a hit all over the nation. At the time, Pink said that Hollywood directors would come to him complaining about how long it took to change an actresses nail colors from scene to scene. These directors asked Pink to create a nail polish style that would complement an array of outfits so the actresses didn’t have to get a new manicure every time they had to change shoot locations. As a result, Pink developed the French manicure style we have grown to love, which consists of flesh-toned polish with white polish added to the tip of the nail.

French Manicures In Nashville

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