Manicures and pedicures have been done in various different styles to provide different looks and cater to different needs. At Noire the Nail Bar, we want to make sure that you are getting the service that will make you feel best, which is why today’s blog post is going to cover the different types of treatments that you can enjoy when visiting our salon.

Standard Treatment

If this is your first time visit a salon for a manicure or pedicure, this is a great treatment to stick with. We start this process by soaking your hands or feet in our top of the line, sanitary tubs. After that, we will clean up your nails by clipping them, filing them and making sure that your cuticles look great. We’ll add some moisturizer, give your joints a nice massage, and then you will have your choice of color.

Standard treatments are still done with the highest-quality of nail polish on the market and are known to last nearly twice the time that a DIY manicure or pedicure do.

French Manicure Treatment

This treatment is one of the more popular options that you’ll see when it comes to manicures and pedicures. The process itself is very similar to the standard treatment, but where it differs is in the final parts of the styling. We apply a nice light color to the cuticles of your nails instead of the tips, and then the rest of your nail will be done in a neutral color. These can be done with both your natural nails and acrylic nails. So you can choose if you’d like to keep it natural which many do like, or if you’d like to add a little length or shape, you can choose acrylic at an additional cost.

Gel or Shellac Treatment

If you want to make sure that the treatment that you invest in is going to last long, then this is the best option that you have available. Gel treatments use a different type of coloring so that they can provide you with a thicker, more durable result while looking just as good. The only way that this really differs is that the polish that you use is made to sit underneath a UV light. What this does is it cures the gel or shellac.

After three coats have been applied, and we’ve sent you off to cure them under the UV light, you can expect your beautiful treatment to last for around 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how tough you are with them. Like we said, this is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something that will last longer.

What’s great is that all of these treatments can be applied to both your hands and your feet, so once you find one that you like, you can enjoy a nice set of treatments!

There’s no doubt that whichever treatment you choose, you’ll feel pampered and look beautiful. If you’re ready to schedule your next manicure or pedicure, make sure that you contact Noire the Nail Bar in Nashville and we’ll get you taken care of!