Ingrown toenails are one of the things that you have to worry about when you cut your own toenails, which is one of the main benefits to having a professional do it. However, if you wind up with an ingrown toenail and you can’t rush to the salon right away, here are a few of the things that you can do to take care of it until you can.

Soak Your Foot

One of the best things that you can do to reduce the pain of your ingrown toenail is to try a foot soak. Run a nice foot bath that has a salt solution in it. If you soak your foot for just 15 minutes a day you should see that the pain and swelling of your ingrown toenail go away. Make sure that after you complete this, that you do dry your foot off entirely.

Keep Your Feet Dry

While soaking your foot is something that you can do to minimize the swelling, it’s best to keep your foot dry outside of that foot soak we suggested. Too much exposure can create additional swelling and pruning, which just changes the way that your foot is reacting to all of this and could potentially make it worse. Do your best to stay away from swimming pools and random bodies of water that could also have infections, bacteria, and germs in them.

Check the Skin

One of the most painful parts of an ingrown toenail is the part of your skin that is still attached to the toenail. You may experience some relief by using a small nail file or blunt device to push the skin away from the nail. Now, while this may relieve some pain, if you dig too far into the space between your nail and your skin, you may experience additional pain. Do everything that you can to avoid cutting your foot or digging too deep.

Cover the Toe

The toe with the ingrown toenail is going to be extremely sensitive, and honestly, the smallest things may irritate it. For example, wearing shoes where your feet are pushed closely together, and doing so for hours at a time, can lead to the toe feeling irritated. One of the ways that you can avoid it from being overly exposed to sweat, fuzz from your socks, or other issues is by covering it up with a Band-Aid or some other form of bandage. This will also offer some additional pressure to the foot, which can help.

Choose Shoes Wisely

As we just mentioned, your shoe choice could make a huge difference in the comfort of your toe with the ingrown nail. Make sure that as you choose the shoes that you’re going to wear you take into consideration the ingrown nail and the way that it feels when you have them on. If you have shoes made from soft fabrics and have a wide design, you should be set. If the weather allows for it, stick to sandals and let that toe get some fresh air.

If you have an ingrown toenail that has become infected, visit your podiatrist and have them provide you with a care regimen to avoid it from happening again.

Do your best to avoid ingrown toenails by scheduling your pedicures at Noire the Nail Bar. We’ll take great care of you and ensure that your toenails look incredible. Call to schedule your services today!