If you’re looking for a way to pamper yourself, consider getting yourself a pedicure. While feet don’t tend to be a very popular body part, getting a pedicure can be an indulgent spa experience for both men and women, and with the variety of pedicure styles out there, you’re sure to find one that works for your preference and budget.

At Noire the Nail Bar in Brentwood, our staff has more than 60 years of combined experience in the beauty industry, and we offer a wonderful array of pedicure, manicure, and waxing options at our nail salon. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, contact us today!

The Classic or Regular Pedicure

If you’re looking for the standard pedicure treatment, the classic pedicure or regular pedicure is the way to go. This unique spa experience often begins with a warm foot soak and foot scrubbing with a pumice stone or a foot file. Once this is done, your nail artist will begin to clip and shape your toenails. They will also work to push back your cuticles, and may even offer a short foot and calf massage.

The classic pedicure is a wonderful option for people who want regular foot and toenail maintenance. It is also very helpful if you have callus on the bottom of your feet, as your nail technician will work to remove any dead skin.

The French Pedicure

As the popularity of the French manicure spread, French pedicures have become a must-have to women all over Nashville. You can get a French pedicure with a classic treatment or spa treatment, and your nail artist will paint a thin white stripe on the top of your toenails, followed by a sheer nude or pink nail polish color. This pedicure style is classy and sophisticated, and at Noire the Nail Bar, we specialize in French pedicures!

The Fish Pedicure

This is a pedicure that you’ll never forget. A fish pedicure is very similar to classic pedicures except for one main difference: there are fish involved! While your typical pedicure is wonderful for removing calluses and dead skin, a fish pedicure takes care of your calluses in a completely unique way.

During a fish pedicure, small carp, also known as the garra rufa fish, will nibble the calluses and dead skin off of your feet and toes. Some research points the origin of this pedicure back to Turkey, Syria, and Iran.

Speciality Pedicures at Noire the Nail Bar

If you live near Nashville and you’re looking for a truly unique and relaxing pedicure experience, you’ll love our nail salon in Nashville. We offer an impressive and unique array of speciality pedicures for our guests, including:

The Lavender Essence Pedicure

Looking for a way to destress after a long workweek? Our Lavender Essence Pedicure is a favorite among our nail salon customers. Our nail technicians will use various lavender beauty products to help relieve tension and calm your mind. Your skin will be buffed with a relaxing lavender sugar scrub, and a hydrating mask will be applied to your feet with a steamy hot towel.

The Sweet Coconut Milk Pedicure

If you’re looking for a pedicure that will hydrate and moisturize your feet and legs, you’ll love our Sweet Coconut Milk Pedicure. During this spa treatment, you’ll soak your feet in a bath of coconut milk that will work to moisturize your skin. Our nail artists will then use a customized coconut scrub to exfoliate your legs. Your treatment will then be topped off with a coconut creme foot and leg massage and a warm paraffin treatment.

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