At Noire The Nail Bar in Brentwood, we’re passionate about providing the best nail salon services in Nashville. From relaxing manicures and pedicures to specialty nail treatments and waxing services, we take pride in helping our customers look and feel their absolute best. Our nail salon technicians get questions every day about the difference between various nail treatments and how to care for natural nails. On this page, we’re going to answer some common frequently asked nail salon questions.

How Long Does The Standard Nail Polish Last?

This is a question we get often at our premier nail bar. Standard nail polish is not designed to last as long as gel or acrylic nails, so you can expect your manicure or pedicure to last a week or so before you start to see wear and tear. Standard nail polish is a great option for those one-off special occasions, like a wedding, birthday party, or pool party.

Will Acrylic & Gel Extensions Damage My Natural Nails?

Absolutely not! When you have nail extensions applied to your natural nails by a technician, they will use nail application techniques that do not cause damage to your nails. Unless you decide to pick at your nails or pull them off yourself, there should be no signs of damage with these types of nail treatments.

Will A UV Lamp Tan My Hands?

Gel manicures require the use of a UV lamp to dry the nail polish that has been applied to your nails. Many people think that the device will tan their hands, like a mini-tanning bed. The fact of the matter is, the UV lamps used in nail salons will not cause your skin to darken. Think of it this way, if you got a manicure every two weeks, the amount of UV exposure is equivalent to spending about five minutes in the sun.

How Often Should I Get A Manicure Or Pedicure To Maintain Healthy Skin & Nails?

While each client’s needs are different, most nail technicians recommend getting a manicure every two weeks, and a pedicure every four weeks. This is because your hands are exposed to daily wear and tear that can affect the appearance of your fingernails, while your feet are protected in shoes.

The Wonderful World Of Manicures

Manicures are a wonderful way to treat yourself (and your hands!). Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up your nail game or you’re thinking about giving the gift of a manicure to a loved one, there are many benefits to this unique hand and nail treatment.

At Noire The Nail Bar in Brentwood, we’re proud to be one of Nashville’s premier nail salons, offering both manicure and pedicure treatments at our facility. We offer a wonderful array of manicure treatments that you’re sure to love, but before you visit our nail bar, we recommend doing a little research on the various options available to you. Once you have an understanding of the type of manicure you’d like, stop by our state-of-the-art nail salon for an unforgettable manicure.

The Different Types of Manicures

With the large variety of manicure types available, you may find it difficult trying to decipher which nail treatment is right for you. Let’s take a look at some popular manicure types below.

The Basic Manicure

If you’re brand new to manicures, you may want to try a basic manicure first. This simple and sweet treatment is a great way to get the gist of what a manicure entails. During this treatment, your nail salon technician will apply a lotion, cream, or oil to your cuticles before being soaked in warm water for about five minutes. After the five minutes, your manicurist will gently dry your hands and clean your cuticles. They will then trim, clean, and shape your nails before giving you a relaxing hand massage. Your nail artist will then ask you what color you’d like your nails to be painted, and they will apply this nail polish to your nails. After a few coats, your nail technician may apply a quick-dry polish to help speed up the drying process.

Classy French Manicure

Looking for a classy manicure that will last for weeks? Consider getting a classy french manicure from your local nail salon. This unique nail design features a crescent moon-like coat of white nail polish at the edges of your nails to give your hands a clean, crisp, and professional appearance. If white isn’t your favorite nail polish color, you can always opt for a pale pink, blue, and virtually any other color you can imagine.

The Reverse French Manicure

For an out-of-the-box manicure that will have your friends and family members talking, consider getting a reverse french manicure. As its name implies, the reverse french manicure is another version of the classic french manicure, except for the fact that is has the crescent moon-shape painted in a slightly darker shade at the base of your nail.

A Paraffin Manicure

The cold winters in Nashville may leave your hands feeling rough and dry. If you’re looking for a manicure that will moisturize dry and cracked skin, consider getting a paraffin manicure. When you stop by the nail salon for this kind of manicure, your nail salon artist will melt the paraffin wax in a melting bowl and wait until it reaches an appropriate temperature. In the meantime, your nail technician will massage your hands with scented oils and lotion. Once the wax has come to a proper temperature, you will be asked to soak your hands in it for a few seconds. You’ll then lift your hands out of the wax, allowing the wax to dry, before dipping them in the solution at least seven more times (resulting in seven layers of wax on your hands). You will then be asked to rest your hands for 30 minutes before the wax is cleaned off. Your nail artist will then perform a regular manicure on your silky-soft hands.

Gel Manicure

Looking for a manicure that will last a long time? Gel manicures may be for you! This low-maintenance manicure doesn’t require you to visit the nail salon every other week because it involves the use of a special nail polish that is cured under UV light. When you visit a nail bar for a gel manicure, the treatment will start out the same as any regular manicure. Your manicurist will trim your nails, push back your cuticles, and buff them, before applying a base coat of nail polish. After your initial coat of polish has been applied, your technician will paint your nails with two coats of specialty polish before asking you to rest your hands under a UV light for quick drying.

Acrylic Manicure

If you have naturally short nails or you bite your nails, an acrylic manicure may be a wonderful nail treatment for you. This type of manicure utilizes powder polymer and a liquid polymer to create a hard layer of acrylic nail over your natural nails. Your manicurist will first buff your nails to make the surface rough. The reason this is done is to help the acrylic nail stick to your original nail. The acrylic mixture will be applied to your nails with a specialized brush before each nail is sculpted into your desired shape. Once the acrylic material has dried, your nail artist will apply your choice of nail polish to the top surface.

Shellac Manicure

Shellac nails have become the preferred manicure trend, and for good reason. Shellac is the brand name of Gel Nail Polish, made by Creative Nail Design, or CND. This eight-patent formula can be found at most nail salons across Nashville, and it is the only non-damaging, long-lasting nail polish that doesn’t require the need for soaking, filling, or roughing of the natural nail. CND currently offers 83 nail polish shades, including sheer and opaque options.

During this nail treatment, your nail salon artist will first take the time to clean, file, and shape your natural nails. Two coats of the nail polish of your choice will then be applied to your nails and dried using a special dryer.

Manicure Treatments In Brentwood

At Noire The Nail Bar, we believe that everyone deserves a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and getting a manicure is a great way to disconnect from the world while also relaxing your mind and body. We offer an array of manicure services at our nail salon in Brentwood, so whether you’re looking for a classic manicure or an Almond Spa Manicure, we can help. We also offer complimentary beverages at our nail salon, including water, wine, and soda.

The Beautiful World Of Pedicures

A pedicure is a rejuvenating, cosmetic treatment for your feet that often involves the cutting, trimming, and shaping of your toenails. Pedicures can be used to exfoliate, hydrate, and massage your feet, and with the large array of pedicure treatments available, it’s easy to find one that works for you.

The Classic Pedicure

Most nail salons and spas in Nashville will offer a classic pedicure treatment. This type of nail treatment begins by soaking your feet in a warm bath, oftentimes in a comfortable massage chair. Your manicurist will scrub the bottom of your feet with a foot file before they start clipping your nails and pushing back your cuticles. Once your legs and feet have been dried off with a soft towel, your nail technician will give you a calf and foot massage using the latest and greatest moisturizers.

Paraffin Pedicure

Similar to a paraffin manicure, a paraffin pedicure is a great option for those who suffer from dry or cracked skin on their feet. During this luxurious foot treatment, you’ll be asked to dip your feet in a warm paraffin wax to help soften and moisturize your skin. Your nail salon artist will ask you to dip your feet in the wax solution multiple times, creating layers of moisturizing wax around your feet. Your feet will then be covered in a plastic bag, where you’ll wait a few minutes for the moisturizing benefits to kick in. In addition to paraffin’s soothing skin benefits, this type of treatment has therapeutic benefits as well. Paraffin wax has been known to treat various health conditions, including arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Chocolate Pedicure

If you’re a chocoholic, we’ve got the perfect pedicure for you. The chocolate pedicure utilizes the natural benefits of chocolate for a one-of-a-kind foot treatment. During this pedicure, you’ll enjoy an invigorating chocolate scrub on your feet to help clear away dead skin cells. A chocolate collagen mask and paraffin will then be applied to your feet to promote hydration before your choice of nail polish is applied to your toenails.

Pedicure Treatments In Brentwood

When it comes to specialty pedicures in Brentwood, Noire The Nail Bar offers a diverse array of nail treatments. Our Lavender Essence Pedicure is a great way to unwind after a long day of work. First, your nail technician will buff your feet and legs with a lavender sugar scrub to soften your skin and promote relaxation. Then, a hydrating mask will be applied to your feet, along with hot towels, to leave your skin glowing and smooth. We also offer a Cucumber Sensation Pedicure that features an intensive callus treatment, complete with a paraffin deep that will leave your feet hydrated and smooth.

Waxing FAQ

At Noire The Nail Bar, we don’t just specialize in nail treatments, we also offer premier waxing services at our nail salon. Whether you need your eyebrows, chin, under arms, bikini, or legs waxed, we can help.

How Long Should I Wait Between Waxes?

Most salons will suggest that you get a waxing treatment every three to four weeks, but this ultimately will depend on how quickly your hair grows. It’s common for hair to grow at a slower pace in the winter months, and faster during the warm, summer months.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Reduce The Pain Of Waxing?

If you have sensitive skin, waxing treatments may cause you some discomfort. Before you take any over-the-counter pain medication, we recommend speaking with your doctor first. As your waxing treatment approaches, do your best to avoid sunlight, and avoid using any type of moisturizer on the area that will be waxed.

How Should I Treat My Skin After A Waxing Appointment?

After your waxing appointment, it’s important to avoid sunbathing, exfoliating, and excessive sweating (so maybe skip the gym for a few days). It is also smart to to avoid using skin care products that may contain artificial colors and fragrances.