Classic Manicure $20

Our basic manicure. Nail are trimmed , shaped, cuticle detailed and hand massage. Polish of your choice.

Noire Manicure $30

Classic manicure plus exfoliation and hot towel finish off with Argan Oil.

Almond Spa Manicure $40

A luxurious treatment that will beautify and pamper rough hands. This treatment includes an invigoration exfoliating scrub, emollient mask, soothing hot towel, and finished with a thorough massage.

Silk Natural Manicure $45

This is the ultimate hand-spa treatment. Almond manicure is used. In this manicure it adds on hydrating mask and paraffin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will feel a soft glow. Polish at year choice.

Chocolate Romance Manicure $50

A special romance treat with chocolate manicure in a delicious hand treatment that incorporate a chocolate scrub, collagen mask, paraffin, and a butter cream massage.


Noire Pedicure $38

Our classic pedicure. Your nail are shaped, trimmed, and cuticles detailed. It is exfoliated with sugar scrub of your choice and calluses work. A massage with moisturizing cream enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Polish of your choice.

Express Pedicure $30

Short on time or need a quick refresh?
This pedicure includes nail shaping, trimmed, cuticle detail, and light moisturizer (no massage). Polish of your choice. No callus work due to time

Princess Pedicure (9 years and under) $30

This pedicure will make your little one feel like a royal princess. Her feet will be soaked in orange and rose petals. The nails are trimmed, shaped, light exfoliate and finished with shimmering lotion, and two nail art

Noire Specialty Pedicure

Lavender Essence Pedicure $56

While your feet will enjoy all the beneficial of lavender aroma. The lavender relieves tension, provides deep relaxation and brings out peaceful sleep. Your skin is buffed with a lavender sugar scrub, that surely soften your skin. A lavender hydrating mask is apply to your feet with steamy hot towels leaving your skin glowing and smooth.

Heavenly Pedissage Pedicure $56

You’re tired, exhausted feet will experience lavender soaking, infused with essential oils. Follow by 15 minutes of a heavy, heavenly tension relieving massage that will calm your
nerves and soothe your soul.

Vanilla Creme Pedicure $55

Soaked in milk and honey with a hint of vanilla. Your feet will take pleasure in an exfoliating vanilla scrub. Enjoy paraffin dip that will leave your skin silky, smooth, and revitalized with a vanilla and honey which is rubbed down. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

Sweet Coconut Milk Pedicure $65

Soak your feet in a bath of coconut milk, it will moisturize your skin. A customized coconut scrub to exfoliate your legs and wash away with warm milk. Coconut creme foot and leg massage, topped off with a warm paraffin treatment.

Cucumber Sensation Pedicure $55

Intensive callus treatment is the main focus on this treatment. So relaxed with a cucumber slough and soaked that softens the rough areas of your feet. Your treatment is complete with a paraffin dip that will leave your feet perfectly in cashmere and silk sheets.

Lemon Dream Pedicure $65

Soak your feet in a citrus bath salts with freshly sliced lemons and lime which creates the ultimate zing experience. The crystalline citric scrub reawakens the skin and reduces visual sign of aging. Lemon wedges are rubbed into the dried out toe-nails to help restore a clean healthy look. While the lemon juice presents a cooling stringent action, it also promote healthy looking skin.

Charcoal Infused Detox $70

Your feet will be soaked in black charcoal that deeply clean while calming and relieving the skin. The skin allows for fast, gentle exfoliation of callus and dried skin. Black charcoal mask will formulate, drawing out deep dwelling impurities and replenishing the skin. Follow with the massage finishing your day.

Mangolicious Pedicure $73

A deliciously sweet experience begins with scented mangoes that your feet will soak in. Mango sugar scrub gently cleanse, exfoliate and condition the skin. Mango mask is applied followed by mango butter and paraffin wax. Once your feet is thoroughly treated, a massage will complete your day.

Pomegranate Pedicure $75

Our signature pedicure will take your breath away. Your feet will soak in rose petals. The pomegranate sugar scrub will be a gentle formula that won’t dry or irritate sensitive skin. Antioxidants and skin regenerating ingredients, all this relaxing and with a super hydrating collagen mask to soften the skin then is wrapped in hot steamy towels. A soothing paraffin dip completes the treatment.

The Diva Pedicure $75

Treat yourself like a diva with an intensely re-hydrating but also decedent pedicure. You will enjoy exfoliating scrubs, an emollient mask, a super-hydrating paraffin treatment, and a lengthy massage ( 15 min) for the ultimate relaxation).

Peach Perfect Pedicure $63

In a peachy pedicure, you soak your toes with fresh rose petals and orange slices. Then a sugar scrub with slices of lime and lemon exfoliates the skin and it gets the blood pumping. Then we massage with a rub down of hot almond oil. Completed with a paraffin.

Nail Enhancement

Full Set

Acrylic $38
Acrylic with Gel Color $58
Pink & White $60
Ombre $70


Acrylic $28
Acrylic with Gel Color $45
Pink & White $50
Pink Only $40
Ombre $60

Add on Service

Take off Enhancement Nail $15
Soak Off Gel (no service) $10
Nail Repair $5
Nail Buffing $5
Polish Change Hands $12
Polish Change Feet $15
Gel Polish Change Hands $30
Gel Polish Change Feet $30
French Polish $5
Nail Shape (Stiletto, Almond, Coffin) $5
Chrome Per Nail $5
Chrome Set $25
Holographic Per Nail $5
Holographic Set $25
Two Big Toes Acrylic $20

SNS Dipping Powder (no manicure) Healthy Nail System

Color on Top $50
French $55
Color with Tip $60
Ombre $65

Gelish Nails

Includes: file, shape, buff, cuticle detail are removed and conditioned, Gelish nails applied and finished with soothing hand products.
French Manicure $50
Color with Manicure $45
French Pedicure $68
Color with Pedicure $63


Eyebrow $ 15
Upper Lip $10
Chin $10
Brow/Lip/Chin $30

Sideburn $15
Full Face $45
Under Arms $25
Half Arms $35

Full Arms $55
Half Legs $45
Full Legs $65
Bikini $50

Complementary Drinks

Diet Coke
Red Wine
White Wine